Anti–Aging Obliphicha cream

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Oblificha cream is a unique revolutionary product known by its supreme influence on the skin. Enriched with vitamin E, it provides the skin with a cover of moisture and elasticity. It is perfect for treatment of wrinkles, losing weight, it helps avoiding stretch effects, for the treatment of skin damages. Enriched with vitamin E - the main anti - oxidant in our bodies. Lavender, Aloe Vera extract and active minerals of the dead sea, this unique combination between rich components provides the skin with a cover of moisturizer and elasticity. Its perfect for the treatment of wrinkles, losing weight, preventing stretch effects, treatment of skin damages caused by the sun, spots and dry skin. Results: smooth, soft skin with a wonderful sensation of regeneration and an amazing fragrance. A powerful fabulous cream.  natural anti - aging.

Produits cosmétiques et SPA de la Mer Morte – ‘Health & Beauty’ 



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How to use

After shower and whenever the skin needs a boost of moisturizing. Suitable for use by all family members.

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