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Obliphicha Natural Soap

Reference : 228
Sea Buckthorn is a bush growing in Russia and the oil which is extracted from its fruits is considered to be a superior oil to whi...
Capacity : 125gr



Luxury Bath Salts

Reference : 265-270
100% natural salts for the body and feet with a concentration 10 times higher than other sea salts. Dead Sea salts are unique in t...
Capacity : 1,3kg



Herbs Soap

Reference : 2018
This "Herbs Soap" is made according to thousands of years old recipes. These studies gave much importance to skin condition treatm...
Capacity : 100gr



Muscle Relaxant Aromatic Butter

Reference : 2016
This Muscle Relaxant Aromatic Butter is made according to thousand year recipes. It is based on the unique formula which aims to r...
Capacity : 50ml



Olive Oil & Honey Natural Soap

Reference : 229
An innovative and exclusive natural hypo-allergenic treatment soap has been developed especially for the needs of the skin which p...
Capacity : 125gr



Pomegranates Natural Soap

Reference : 291
Aromo-therapeutic, natural, healthy, moisture rich soap, based on high concentration of pure pomegranate oil, rich in anti-oxidant...
Capacity : 125gr



PSO Treatment soap 

Reference : 2017
Psoriasis is a genetic chronic skin condition. Usually, psoriasis causes the formation of excessively dry, red spots on the surfac...
Capacity : 100gr



Dead Sea Mud

Reference : 274
The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, as well as the richest in natural minerals essential in maintaining a healthy cell meta...
Capacity : 600gr



Pso skin Relief Cream

Reference : 2015
This Psoriasis skin Relief Cream is a unique, natural and fast absorbing cream enriched with herbal extracts aiming to calm the sk...
Capacity : 250ml



Anti Cellulite Soap

Reference : 226
Cellulite describes a condition whereby fat cells accumulate under the skin and forms dimples and bumps affecting the buttocks and...
Capacity : 125gr



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