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Tearless Shampoo & Soapless Baby Wash

Reference : 350
This Tearless shampoo & Soapless Baby Wash was created with a new innovative technology for the gentle care of baby\'s skin ...
Capacity : 780 ml


Protective Intimate Wash PH 4.5

Reference : 2204
he most important rule in maintaining feminine hygiene is to take showers regularly and keep the intimate area clean. Bacteria...
Capacity : 250ml


Mineral Mud Soap

Reference : 224
Mud Soap has a high concentration of Dead Sea vitamins and minerals, as well as vitamin A, olive oil, aloe vera and chamomile. It ...
Capacity : 125gr


Mineral Peeling Soap

Reference : 227
This is a natural, hypo-allergenic soap that was developed especially for the thorough cleansing of skin pores and the removal of ...
Capacity : 125gr


26 Minerals soap

Reference : 289
An aromatic therapeutic soap, it is natural, healthy and of high quality. It gives a deep cleansing to face and body skin. It is b...
Capacity : 125gr


Anti Cellulite Soap

Reference : 226
Cellulite describes a condition whereby fat cells accumulate under the skin and forms dimples and bumps affecting the buttocks and...
Capacity : 125gr


Pomegranates Natural Soap

Reference : 291
Aromo-therapeutic, natural, healthy, moisture rich soap, based on high concentration of pure pomegranate oil, rich in anti-oxidant...
Capacity : 125gr


Olive Oil & Honey Natural Soap

Reference : 229
An innovative and exclusive natural hypo-allergenic treatment soap has been developed especially for the needs of the skin which p...
Capacity : 125gr


Obliphicha Natural Soap

Reference : 228
Sea Buckthorn is a bush growing in Russia and the oil which is extracted from its fruits is considered to be a superior oil to whi...
Capacity : 125gr


Avocado & Aloe Vera Natural soap

Reference : 225
This soap is natural, moisturizing, aromatherapy soap. It is enriched with pure Avocado oil known for its richness in vitamins, po...
Capacity : 125gr


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