Pomegranates extract hair mask

Reference : 309
This powerful hair mask was created to protect the hair from environmental damages and daily misconduct. It contains sunscreens an...
Capacity : 250ml


Anti-dandruff Treatment Shampoo

Reference : 326
The hair is one of the most conspicuous elements of our external appearance and is need of constant cultivation. Furthermore, the ...
Capacity : 400ml


Hair Mask with Aragan Oil from Morocco

Reference : 303
A new and innovative formula for repairing dry and damaged hair, the mask is enriched with oils extracted from the nuts of the ara...
Capacity : 250ml


Carrot Oil & Mud Mask for Hair

Reference : 306
This therapeutic hair mask is saturated with moisture from carrot oil, sea buckthorn oil, Dead Sea mud, silicones, plant extracts,...
Capacity : 250ml


Olive Oil & Honey Shampoo for Strong Shiny Hair

Reference : 320
The hair is one of the most noticeable features of our outward appearance and demands constant care. In addition the sun, wind, dr...
Capacity : 780ml


Treatment Hair Mask Obliphicha Oil

Reference : 302
A mineral rich mask, enriched with high concentrations of sea buckthorn oil, whose origins are in Russia where it is known for its...
Capacity : 250ml


Shea Butter Hair Mask

Reference : 305
For damaged and extremely dry hair. Climate damage, sun, wind, dryness, over usage of blow-dryers, chemical treatments and exposur...
Capacity : 250ml


Obliphicha & Aloe Vera Treatment Hair Conditioner

Reference : 325
The hair is one of the most conspicuous aspects of our appearance and requires constant care. Sun, wind, dryness, excessive use of...
Capacity : 400ml


Olive Oil & Honey Hair Mask

Reference : 301
This mineral rich mask contains high concentrations of olive oil, known for its useful qualities to hair, moisture, nourishment, r...
Capacity : 250ml


Avocado Oil & Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Reference : 304
This unique and innovative mask is moisture rich, combines avocado oil for conditioning, hair nourishment and treatment of burnt e...
Capacity : 250ml


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