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Eye & Face Make-up remover Wipes

Reference : 132
1. Gently, efficiently and thoroughly cleans make-up and mascara leftovers (including water-resistant mascara). 2. Does not contai...
Capacity : 30 pieces


Soapless Face Peeling with Glycerin Orange Oil & Vitamin E

Reference : 120
A gentle soapless foaming soap which infuses moisture for the deep cleansing of skin pores. It also protects against pollution fro...
Capacity : 250ml


Facial Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera, Almond Oil & Vitamin A

Reference : 119
Deep cleansing of the skin is the key to healthy and well groomed skin. A cleansing lotion with a velvety and gentle texture which...
Capacity : 250ml


Face Toner with Aloe Vera Chamomile & Vitamin A

Reference : 118
Deep and effective cleansing of the skin is the key to preserving well groomed skin. It is an alcohol-free facial water which clea...
Capacity : 250ml


Soapless Face Cleanser with Obliphicha, Chamomile & Vitamin E

Reference : 122
Thorough skin cleaning is the key to healthy and radiant skin. This is a gentle soapless soap with PH 5.5, foamy and moisturizing,...
Capacity : 250ml


Lightening Facial Soap

Reference : 121
Climatic effects, stress and hormonal changes result in the skin losing its natural shine, a slow down in the renewal of skin cell...
Capacity : 250ml


Cleansing & relaxing facial foam

Reference : 131
Thorough facial skin cleansing is the basic care, for maintaining healthy skin. During the day, a thin layer of dirt and sweat is ...
Capacity : 225ml


Mineral Mud Soap

Reference : 224
Mud Soap has a high concentration of Dead Sea vitamins and minerals, as well as vitamin A, olive oil, aloe vera and chamomile. It ...
Capacity : 125gr


Mineral Peeling Soap

Reference : 227
This is a natural, hypo-allergenic soap that was developed especially for the thorough cleansing of skin pores and the removal of ...
Capacity : 125gr


Avocado & Aloe Vera Natural soap

Reference : 225
This soap is natural, moisturizing, aromatherapy soap. It is enriched with pure Avocado oil known for its richness in vitamins, po...
Capacity : 125gr


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