The specialist products from Israel - at home

Is a great pleasure for TOURISTORES to introduce you the new online store of TOURISGROUP-Travel. Created specifically for purpose you to travel differently and throughout the year to Israel, without even move yourself from home. So, you'll enjoy the greatest benefits richly recognized for millennia, of the Spa Products and Cosmetics items from the Dead Sea , to revive : Health, Beauty, Relaxation, Vitality and Well-being for the whole family - TOURISTORES also offers its new collection of customizable jewelry, but also powerful tool for the creating T-shirt or other giftideas to achieve your greatest desires and cravings, so adapting each to your events for your loved ones, or simply to offer for yourself ! Therefore don't miss, especially to browse a few clicks, to the discoveries of the greatest wonders creations and products from Israel at home !

Journey on the focus of cosmetics products from the Dead Sea

Olive Oil & Honey Cream SPF-20

The Olive Oil & Honey Cream SPF-20 is an intensive cream, especial...

Anti–Aging Obliphicha Cream SPF-20

An especially rich moisturizing and nourishing cream, based on Sea B...

Moisturizer & Nourishing Carrot Cream

Powerful moisturizer and nourishing cream based on natural ingredients...


The Jewels of Israel : a real " Gold mine" !

  T-shirts of Israel : The other way to express themselves in Hebrew

Beit Alpha Mosaic

Mosaic from the ancient floor at Beit Alpha

Tzipori Mona Lisa

Mosaic from the Tzipori National Park

Medvah Map Mosaic

Mosaic found in Medvah , Jordan showing a map of Jerusalem.


The immense treasures of the Holy Land

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